AlfaPlaqX Softgels Mini


The Best Defence is a Good Offence.

The AlfaPlaqX Softgels contains not only Phosphatidylcholine but also other active ingredients such as Choline alfoscerate, Cytidine diphosphate-choline and Alpha-tocopherol. This combination of ingredients is not only great for the liver and heart, but also improves brain functions and enhances memory.



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Our brain, heart, liver and cell membrane functions deplete as we age, and we become more prone to diseases such as cardiovascular disease, fatty liver and neurological disorders. However, that can be alleviated with the right health supplement.

AlfaPlaqX Softgels contains Choline Complex and Alfa Tocopherol to increase the bioavailability and effectiveness of choline in the body. Its synergy effects support cardiovascular health, brain and liver functions, and maintain cellular membrane structures.


MF3’s AlfaPlaqX Softgels contain Choline Complex which is a special blend of choline molecules involved in the CDP-Choline pathway and offer unique synergy effects.

  • Cytidine Diphosphate-Choline
    Supports healthy nervous system, increase strength and connectivity of nerve cells.
  • Phosphatidylcholine (PPC)
    Sustains liver health.
  • Choline Alfoscerate
    Contains antioxidant for optimum brain functions, and provides protection from Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Alpha Tocopherol (a type of Vitamin E)
    Prevents clogged bloodstream due to cholesterol and waste products.

Effective at increasing both systemic and neural choline concentration to support cardiovascular health, brain and liver functions, and maintenance of cellular membrane structures.

For the Mind

Supports and maintains brain cell structure and signalling. The brain cannot synthesize choline and its uptake of choline decreases with age. AlfaPlaqx helps to boost the amount of choline for uptake. Keeping the brain cells and signal relay in good condition can delay cognitive impairments and memory decline.

For the Cellular Membrane

Helps to restore damaged cellular membrane, ensuring that the cell walls remain fluid, allowing them to effectively regulate the nutrients coming in and waste going out.

For the Heart

Reduces homocysteine concentration in the blood thus reducing the formation of blood clots. This lessens the stress and pressure on the heart as well as decreases the risk of developing stroke. Possess anti-plaque properties to reduce the free fatty acid build-up at the site of stroke-induced nerve damage. Cholesterol lowering properties.

For the Liver

Helps to export fat deposits out of the liver and improves detoxification. Prevents fat from building up in the liver therefore reducing cell apoptosis (cell death) and reduces the risk of developing fatty liver.

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1 or 2 softgels per day. Preferably taken at different times to achieve a better absorption rate and bioavailability throughout the day. Not suitable for anyone with soy allergy, and women who are pregnant or breastfeeding.

For patients or those experiencing cognitive decline, it is recommended to take at least 4 capsule per day for
better effectiveness.

Box of 10 softgels


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