Melasma DNA Serum


Targeted Roll-On Spot Corrector



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Melasma DNA Serum is a high-precision, roll-on-concentrate applicator for visible dark spot reduction. This highly concentrated corrector provides a unique, deep-down action on the two origins of dark spots and aging pigments: melanin synthesis and lipofuscin formation.

Designed as the ultimate regulator of hyperpigmentation, the spot-reducing ingredients – Liquorice extract, Dipotassium Glycyrrhizate, Stable Vitamin C and Hexylresorcinol – in this extraordinary Melasma DNA Serum actively decreases melanin synthesis, whereas a generous supply of micro-encapsulated Olive extract potently blocks the formation of lipofuscin (aging pigments), a correctible defect of visible cellular waste deposits caused by constant exposure to the sun and premature aging.

Apply day and night, on the targeted dark spots after moisturiser or Caviar Day / Caviar Night.

Single pack, 2.5ml


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