AF Softgels 3 IN 1 Travel Pack


Easy packed combination of PE AF SoftgelsVE AF Softgels and MCE Softgel for your getaway

Rebuild, Rejuvenate and Renew

  • Pioneering cell therapy softgels
  • High nutrient contents with a wide range of health benefits
  • Daily nutritional supplements for complete wellness and rejuvenation

The MF3 Advanced Formula 3-in-1 Travel Pack is a compact and convenient combo of the three AF softgel supplements. Hop on to your next destination without missing your beat and your daily boosters.

Your health and trip made simple with MF3 Advanced Formula 3-in-1 Travel Pack. Just grab, pack and go!

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MF3 Advanced Formula 3-in-1 Travel Pack contains:

10 x PE AF Softgels

Contains award-winning formulation with Premium Sheep Placenta Extracts and Marine Cellular Ingredients. It activates cellular regeneration from skin deep to the interlinking structures of inner organs and tissues, for long-lasting and complete rejuvenation.

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10 x VE AF Softgels :

A plant-based innovation packed with phyto-cellular extracts from Dermacenta™ – a rare non-genetically modified soybean plant from France. The Vegetal Placenta extracts act as cell bio-activators and anti-oxidative agents to counter aging and skin damage in a natural way. It is clinically tested to have zero traces of animal or synthetic derivatives making it vegetarian and halal-friendly.

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10 x MCE Softgel:

Consists of concentrated marine cellular extracts fortified with vegetal actives including Coenzyme Q10 and Grape Seed Extract. Supports healthy extracellular matrix component in the body which is essential for various metabolic processes for cell growth, renewal and repair.

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For daily intake, we recommend consuming one softgel per day. You may start with PE followed by Marine and VE consecutively.

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