3R Placenta DNA Spray


A Spritz a Day to Renew, Repair & Restore Your Skin.

That’s the way of the 3R Placenta DNA Spray.



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The spray-on serum contains sheep placenta extract rich in bioactives to stimulate skin cell renewal and repair. It increases hydration with deep penetrating hyaluronic acid which reverses free radical damage and improves skin elasticity. Its Malus domestica apple extract further nourishes the skin, and diminishes fine lines and wrinkles.

One simple spritz a day accelerates skin healing and promotes collagen production. 3R Placenta DNA Spray is suitable for acne skin and skin damaged by over exfoliation.

Designed to

  • Increase skin hydration
  • Diminished fine wrinkles

Active Ingredients

Sheep Placenta Extract

Rich in bioactive peptides; stimulate the cellular renewal and repair for healthy skin.

Malus Domestica Extract

Rich in bioactive substances and phospholipid; nourish skin and diminish fine lines and wrinkles.


Hold and regulate moisture absorption rate based on humidity, deeply penetrate in the skin; increases hydration, improves elasticity and reverses free radical damage.

How Moisture Affect Skin Conditions?

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Spritz on face and neck at night before applying moisturiser.

Comes in a pack of 3 x 10ml bottles of serum. Convenient, hygienic & travel-friendly.


Store in refrigerator + 4°C to +16°C.

Avoid extreme temperature and direct sunlight.

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