Advanced Formula (AF) Series

MF3 Advanced Formula (AF) Series are premium potent oral softgels which are an innovation milestone in the global health industry. There are three variations; the PE AF Softgels , MCE Softgels and VE AF Softgels .

PE AF Softgels

PE AF Softgels   contains sheep placenta extracts and marine cellular extracts that promote healthy cell growth. Its benefits include improving physical performance, musculoskeletal health, detoxification, skin revitalisation and wound healing.

VE AF Softgels

A scientifically-proven substitute to animal placenta extracts, VE AF Softgels  is a 100% vegetal-based supplement that protects against free radicals. It provides photoprotection, skin revitalisation, skin whitening, cardiovascular health and detoxification.

MCE Softgels

A marine-based supplement that supports the immune system and healthy musculoskeletal health. MCE Softgels also promotes physical performance and boost the production of collagen and elastin in skin, thus improving the appearance of skin.

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