Look and Feel Your Best in the Month of Love

Let’s be honest here. Nothing is as sexy as feeling confident in your own body, and we believe the best confidence booster is when we feel our healthiest and look our best!

All of us want to feel good and look good if we had the choice, but looking and feeling our best can sometimes pose to be a challenge. Whether we are busy climbing the career ladder or are full-time homemakers, finding a balance in our hectic schedule to prioritise our health and looks might not even make it to the top of our list.

However, we know very well that when we feel great and look great, we would have more confidence in ourselves and the things that we do. Not only that, but when we take better care of ourselves, we will then be much more capable of taking care of others too.

Since it’s the fabulous month of February, which is also the Month of Love, MF3 Malaysia is offering our best-selling health supplements PE Advanced Formula (AF) Softgels and PQ10 Plus Softgels at a special, not-to-be-missed deals! Buy 2 boxes of either PE AF Softgels or PQ10 Plus Softgels to get extra 5% OFF PLUS a Mystery Gift!


About PE Advanced Formula (AF) Series Softgels

PE Softgels AF contains sheep placenta extracts and marine cellular extracts that promote healthy cell growth. Its benefits include improving physical performance, musculoskeletal health, detoxification, skin revitalisation and wound healing.MF3 PE Softgels AF


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About PQ10 Plus Softgels

PQ10 Plus contains sheep placenta extract and protein-marine) on top of Coenzyme Q10. It is formulated to promote skin health through collagen and elastin production, support healthy immune system, and enhance energy.PQ10 Plus Softgels


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