How Ageing Affects Our Immune Health

We are more susceptible to getting sick as we age.

This is because our body’s immune system undergoes changes as we grow older, causing a decrease in its ability to function effectively.

Here are some ways that immunity functions decrease as we age:

Low production of immune cells

Ageing causes the production of immune cells in the body to decrease, weakening the immune response vital in fighting infections.

Increased inflammation

Ageing also causes our bodies to be prone to inflammation and though it is an important part of the immune response, our healthy tissue and immune function can be damaged and impaired if we experience chronic inflammation.

Increased vulnerability to infections

Less responsive immune cells in older adults are unable to effectively recognise and respond to new threats, which makes this age group more vulnerable to infections and falling ill.

Less responsive to vaccines

As critical as it is to get vaccinated as a way of stimulating our immune system and protecting us against specific infections, older and more vulnerable adults may not respond well to them. This makes older adults less immune or protected against infections compared to younger people who receive the same type of vaccine.

The changes older adults experience in their immune system and health definitely makes it difficult for those in this age group to fight off and even recover from illnesses and infections, which also puts them at higher risk of chronic health conditions, namely autoimmune diseases and cancer.

However, taking the necessary steps such as maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can help us lower the risks of having poor immune health.

Eating healthy and exercising as well as frequent health check-ups are definitely essential if we want to be in the pink of health.

Apart from that, taking the right dietary health supplements can also be helpful in boosting our immune system’s health.

Marine Cellular Extracts for Better Immune Health

Marine cellular extracts or also known as protein marine are derived from marine organisms.

It is rich in antioxidant properties as well as dietary nucleotides, protein, cartilage, collagen, and elastin that plays an essential role in supporting the immune system and musculoskeletal health, as well as promoting healthy skin, nails, and hair.

Antioxidants especially, are vital in providing immune-boosting effect as it helps to protect the body against inflammation and oxidative stress, which  are known to make the immune system vulnerable.

Introducing the MQ10 Plus Softgels

MQ10 Plus Softgels

MQ10 Plus Softgels is a daily nutritional supplement formulated with Marine Cellular Extracts and enriched with EPA and DHA from Omega-3 Fish Oil and Krill Oil for musculoskeletal conditioning, cellular renewal and complete wellness.

It also provides inflammation-relief properties to keep your immune health in check.

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