Health & Beauty Essentials to Gift the Woman of Your Life for International Women’s Day

Women’s roles have evolved through the years and many are taking on multiple roles, breaking glass ceilings, making waves and charging through barriers.

Are these trials and tribulations getting in their way though? Obviously not.

At the rate that they are going, women are only out here to make a positive difference in the world.

Whether its the role she plays in the office, at home or in society, one thing is for sure. She is going to get it done.

At times, women being the natural nurturers, mothers, working-mothers, bosses, guides, entrepreneurs, artists, and everything else in between, tend to use up all their time and energy in their passions and the people they love, but themselves.

In conjunction with International Women’s Day, let us celebrate the women in our lives (or the woman you are) in the month of March by providing her (or yourself) with the best things that are going to help her continue doing what she does best, which is being a Super Woman.

MF3’s most beloved health and beauty essentials might be just the thing to boost her energy, health, beauty and confidence as she conquers her day to day challenges.

1. SQ10 Plus Softgels

The MF3 SQ10 Plus Softgels which is solely distributed in the Malaysian market is similar in efficacy to the MF3 VP Evolution, which is available to the international market. The only difference is the name of the product as well as the packaging. The formulation of the products are the same. 

SQ10 Plus Softgels

Learn more about SQ10 Plus Softgels here.


The VP Evolution Softgels is a favorite of one of Hong Kong’s most prominent celebrities, the beautiful Christy Chung. Having been in the industry at such a young age, she’s currently still her energetic, bubbly and active self. Now at the blissful age of 51, not only is she still killing it on the runways and screens, she also looks absolutely amazing!

Christy has been our VIP client for a while now and has shared about her experience taking the VP Evolution Softgels as part of her health regime.


“I found that my skin got brighter, more elastic, less fine lines and hydrates my skin. Not to mention, this product could improve menopause symptoms as well as delaying menopause. This is a brilliant product for women.”

Watch full video testimony here.

VP Evolution combines Ubiquinol CoQ10 with soy extract, Phytowhite tripeptide and vitamin C, all of which are plant-based. Its anti-aging benefits include promoting skin revitalization and skin brightening, detoxification and supports heart health.

Learn more about VP Evolution Softgels here.

2. VP Advanced Formula (AF) Softgels

A 100% vegetal-based supplement that is proven to deliver age-defying benefits, AP Advanced Formula (AF) Softgels provides photoprotection, skin revitalization, skin brightening, cardiovascular health and detoxification, just to name a few. Other benefits also include balancing energy levels, purifying the reproductive system, improve joint flexibility and improve stress response.

MF3 VP Softgels AF

Watch VP Advanced Formula Softgels video here.

Just one capsule a day, first thing in the morning on an empty stomach is enough to provide the goodness that is needed for any busy woman to conquer the day.

Compared to VP Evolution, VP AF has a lower concentration of active ingredients and is suitable for those who would like to try the supplement before moving on to a more potent one like the VP Evolution Softgels.

Learn more about VP Advanced Formula Softgels here. 

3. ColleGems Softgels

There’s no surprise that today, women are actively hustling even at a young age. From school, right up to college and through working in the corporate world, the struggle to make a name and rushing to do it can take a toll on mental and physical health.

ColleGEMS Softgels

Which is why the ColleGems Softgels by SwissGEMS was formulated for the young adults of today’s generation. Falling under The Young MF3 Series, SwissGEMS brings a fresh yet sophisticated vibe into the health and beauty scene for young adults everywhere.

Watch ColleGems Softgels by SwissGEMS product video here.

Each ingredient of ColleGems Softgels is carefully selected, ensuring that the supplement meets the highest Swiss Quality Standard.

Some of its benefits include boosting energy levels, supporting brain health and improving the complexion of the skin.

Consuming ColleGems Softgels also slows down the cellular ageing process through the antioxidant activities of its ingredients.

Unlike the  VP Evolution and VP Advanced Formula, the ColleGems Softgels are more suitable for those from age 18-35 years old.

Learn more about ColleGems Softgels here.

4. Eyelash Restorative Serum

Ladies, have you always desired naturally longer and thicker eyelashes that make your eyes look mesmerizing, alluring and feminine?

With the MF3 Eyelash Restorative Serum, your dream lashes are within reach.

Eyelashes have an average length of 12mm, with a life cycle that ranges from 4 to 11 months. However, with Eyelash Restorative Serum, eyelash growth can be enhanced as its life cycle is extended and follicles are nourished from deep within for healthier, longer and thicker eyelashes.

Learn more about Eyelash Restorative Serum here.

5. Caviar Skin Revitalisation

Designed specially to combat the signs of premature aging, fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, the Caviar Skin Revitalisation range should definitely be every woman’s best friend and skincare must-have.

 Watch Caviar Skin Revitalisation video here. 

This three-step, daily beauty treatment is designed to fortify your skin with intense brightening and hydrating elements in the morning, correct your pigmentation spots with a targeted and powerful roll-on melasma corrector and finally indulge your skin with a luxurious formula of cellular-repairing elements over the night.

Learn more about the Caviar Skin Revitalisation Range. 

6. PlaqX Softgels

Another revolutionary supplement which HK super star Christy Chung has raved about is the MF3 PlaqX Softgels.

She has recommended the supplement for women who want to lose weight the healthy way.

She has received many compliments about her healthy figure and has been asked many times how she is able to still look great at her age.

“This product is really amazing. It can help to balance your cholesterol and PlaqX can help to reduce plaque buildup.”

Watch Christy Chung’s testimonial video about PlaqX Softgels here.

Learn more about the product that keep Christy Chung looking her best here.

7. BlueCell Extracts AF2

Another must-have skincare companion for the ladies, the BlueCell Extracts AF2 is a full spectrum anti-aging and moisturizing gel serum, formulated with OxygeninTM, Microalgae extract, and botanical extracts, and infused with probiotic ingredients.

It nourishes the skin with essential nutrients, promotes a healthy skin barrier, maintains skin hydration, and offers a lifting and firming effect for youthful, healthy-looking skin.

Learn more about BlueCell Extracts AF2 here.

From all of us at MF3, Happy Women’s Day to all women and thank you for your amazing resilience and for inspiring us to be the best versions of ourselves!

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