What You Can Do to Boost Your Immune System and Stay Protected

Our 2-year battle with the pandemic was met with many challenges which affected us all in one way or another, be it financially, emotionally, mentally or even physically. However, it was during that time that many of us truly feared for our health and the health of our loved ones the most.

As Malaysia’s borders and borders around the world begin to reopen, and SOPs have been eased, a sense of normalcy can be felt. The Malaysian government finally announced the reopening of Malaysia’s borders to international travellers effective 1st April 2022 and since, the country has slowly started to see tourism picking up.

Then on 27th April 2022, the Malaysian Ministry of Health announced further easing of SOPs from 1st May 2022 onwards.

As much as we are relieved that things, especially businesses are now back in full swing, we can’t help but feel a little anxious about how events will unfold as we transition into the endemic phase. Though vaccinated and have taken the required booster dose, many of us are still concerned about how our health might be affected in the coming weeks and months.

Our immunity will still be at risk but on the other hand, we should not let that stop us from stepping outside and getting things done. This is why taking care of our health and boosting our immune system is crucial.

Here are a few simple things you can do to provide the support that our immune system needs to function at its best.

1. Maintain a healthy diet

Food is nourishment for our entire body, and healthy nourishments that we take in will surely translate to a healthy body.

A healthy diet is essential to keeping your immune system working at its optimum and providing it with the energy it needs to function.

A well-balanced diet consisting of fruits and vegetables, legumes, healthy fats from nuts, seeds and fish, as well as lean protein are just some of the foods that are essential to building a healthier immune system.

2. Exercise regularly

Get your body moving even if it’s just for 10 minutes a day. Whether it’s just taking daily brisk walks, a regular yoga session or even just aerobics, your body will feel much better afterwards.

Healthy physical activities done regularly helps to improve blood flow and circulation, which in turn stimulates the immune system for a more optimized function.

3. Stay hydrated

It’s important to understand that water not only quenches your thirst but also helps to keep your cells and organs functioning well. If our cells are dehydrated, it will mean that their functions will also become impaired.

When this happens, our body’s various systems will become affected and health issues may arise from it.

This also applies to our immune system which depends on the lymph fluid which is made up of mostly water, to help carry immune cells throughout the body combat infections.

4. Get enough quality sleep

Sleep is crucial in creating infection-combating molecules that are needed for our immune system to properly function.

We need at least 7-8 hours of sleep to help our body recover, heal and regenerate new cells.

Inadequate sleep will just compromise our immune system’s function and cause us to be more prone to getting ill.

5. Manage stress levels

Stress affects our health in many ways and can have a dire impact on our immune health if it is not managed properly.

Stress is different for everyone and is not always a bad thing, however prolonged chronic stress can hamper the immune system and increase the risk of getting an infection or falling ill.

Cultivate good habits such as meditation, getting enough sleep or exercising to help reduce stress.

6. Nourish the body with the right supplements

Besides leading a healthy lifestyle, the right supplements also play a role in giving our body the added immunity boost it needs to combat infections and falling ill.

MF3 has just the thing for you.

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