The Q10 Plus Series is an enhanced formulation containing Coenzyme Q10 and have higher concentration of active ingredients.

Each of the three softgels in the Q10 Plus Series; PQ10 Plus, MQ10 Plus and SQ10 Plus are not only packed with the benefits of Coenzyme Q10, but also their specific cellular extracts and bioactive combinations.

PQ10 Plus Softgels
PQ10 Plus contains sheep placenta extract and protein-marine) on top of Coenzyme Q10. It is formulated to promote skin health through collagen and elastin production, support healthy immune system, and enhance energy.
*Enhanced formulation of PE Softgels AF

SQ10 Plus Softgels
SQ10 Plus combines Coenzyme Q10 with soy extract, L-glutathione and vitamin C, all of which are plant-based. It promotes skin revitalisation and skin whitening, detoxification and supports heart health
*Enhanced formulation of VP Softgels AF

MQ10 Plus Softgels
MQ10 Plus derives its goodness from the sea, and contains protein-marine, Chondroitin, vitamin C and Astaxanthin along with Coenzyme Q10. It supports musculoskeletal health, skin firmness and elasticity and relieves inflammation and non-inflammatory arthritis.
*Enhanced formulation of MCE Softgels AF