Placenta packs a variety of crucial nutrients that hold astounding power to rejuvenation.

Consuming placenta essentially feeds your bodily systems and improve your overall wellness. Have a look at how you can benefit from a daily nutrition of placenta.

Boost immune system
Regulate hormone
Boost metabolism rate
Improve blood circulation

Increase stamina and energy level
Accelerate wound healing
Enhance skin cell regeneration
Increased skin firmness

Normalize sebum
Improve complexion
Reduce skin roughness
Increase skin dermal density
Reduce melanin
Improve skin scarring

Alleviates menopausal symptoms
Reduce premenstrual tension

PE Softgels Advanced Formula by MF3 is the pioneering daily nutritional placenta supplement in a softgel. Made with proprietary cold-processing technology that retains the natural goodness of placenta, PE Softgels Advanced Formula offers only the best in health rejuvenation for you and your family.

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