Cellular Moisturising Serum Gel with Marine Blue Plant Cellular Extracts, Marine DNA Elements and Oxygenin™ for Daily Skin Moisturizing and Repair


BLUECELL Extracts AF2 is a fast absorbing, moisturizing and clinically proven cellular moisturising serum gel that combines the rich cellular nutrients of blue plants, marine DNA elements and several other bioactive botanical extracts and essential lipids for rejuvenation of the face, eye and neck.

Upon application, BLUECELL Extracts AF2 goes deep into the dermis layer to immediately act upon undernourished skin cells by saturating them with ultra-moisture. The enriched formula of age-defying ingredients fortifies the skin’s natural resilience against photo-aging and environmental aggression, enhances its moist sensation and natural radiance – from within.

This revolutionary formula is very powerful in counteracting skin degeneration by specifically neutralizing environmental stress and other destructive factors of modern lifestyle.

Manufactured in Switzerland

A new dimension in evolution and beauty


Provides long-lasting hydration for
a more nourished and
radiant complexion.


Rejuvenates areas of the eyes
to diminish visible signs of aging and fatigue.


Apply on neck to maintain an equally beautiful skin.


Helps to restore youthful beauty to your hands.

How Bluecell Works

The new and improved formula of BLUECELL™ Extracts AF2 synergizes its main ingredient Oxygenin™ with 6 other advanced age-defying botanical ingredients: Marine DNA Elements, Pep Nutrix, Vegetal Fresh Cells, Vegetal Placenta C, Pentacare-NA and Collagen Elastin HME. This revolutionary formula is effective in counteracting skin degeneration by neutralizing environmental stress factors and other destructive elements.


An active oxygen transport mechanism that mimics the function of haemoglobin and dramatically increases the oxygen supply to skin cells for optimized metabolic processes, greater nutrient diffusion, better cell-breathing, detoxification and self-regulation. Oxygenin is the most effective and efficient oxygen carrier known to science

Caviar Marine DNA Elements

A complex of essential cellular nutrients to revitalize and maintain skin biodynamics

Pep Nutrix

For improvement of skin thickness and density by stimulating collagen synthesis in human fibroblasts

Collagen Elastin HME

For enhancement of skin tensile strength and suppleness

Vegetal Fresh Cells

An outstanding cosmetic ingredient, the ß-carotenin of Vegetal Fresh Cells has a super protective effect against free radicals

Vegetal Placenta C

For improvement of cellular metabolism and greater supply of essential nutrients for cellular renewal


A complex of plant-based active ingredients that rapidly and perceptibly tightens the skin and smoothens fine wrinkles


Clinically proven by renowned international entities (clinical study report: CTE43A) and manufactured in accordance with the stringent Swiss cGMP regulations, BLUECELL Extracts AF2 is a cosmeceutical innovation crystallized from Skin Health Cosmeceutical Science partners in Germany and the United States, among them winners of the prestigious 2001 Crystal Award.

Test on Sensory Evaluation

Selected sensory evaluation results

Test on Epidermis + Dermis Density (Cheeks)

RESULTS – Vol. #8/205155 / Egg Ge (Volunteer No.1)

Day 0 / Right cheek

Day 28 / Right cheek

Day 56 / Right cheek

RESULTS – Vol. #11/205397 / Ghy Ma (Volunteer No.2)

Day 0 / Right cheek

Day 28 / Right cheek

Day 56 / Right cheek

Test on Skin Microrelief (Roughness of Forearms)

RESULTS – Vol. #6/205128/ Bro Si (Volunteer No.3)

Day 0 / Right cheek

Day 28 / Right cheek

Day 56 / Right cheek

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